Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 6

After the sun rose we tried to get back to the village for safety so slowly we began to head there. We began to run as  fast as we could, but a few moments later the desert scorpion hurled its self up out of the ground right over our heads. We split up going left and right luckily we managed to get out of the way in time before the scorpion slammed its body into the ground. Then the question was what to do about the scorpion we faced, we waited for it to move but nothing happened. we began heading back to the village again and strangely the scorpion followed we moved again and he followed again. We had no idea what it wanted so we began walking back to the village. When we where back together in our group we where traveling at a steady pace occasionally looking back and sure enough the scorpion has following us still. When we reached the village wall we asked the mayor why the scorpion was following us and he said "This scorpion's name is Requaza (re qu a su) and it is and old friend of this village it use to be a guardian here but a while back it left and this is the first time we've seen him since, and he seems to have taking a liking to you." We repacked our gear and began to head out again but as we left we heard someone shout "WAIT!" it was the mayor as he caught up to he said "Take Requaza with you he will be a great allie to you on your journey." as he popes out of the ground behind us knocking us off our feet we discussed it for a moment and we said thank you and decided he could tag along and so we set off again on our journey.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 5

    Yesterday, I was preparing for the next battle with Devastator I reinforced my weapons with some dragon bones outside of the village that some children showed me. After traveling several miles with my crew, we saw a  pile of desert sand as big as a house. A little ways after we passed it Hawk, our sharp eyed scout, realized that the pile of desert sand was gone so he came up to me and told me the news. Afterwords we warned everyone to keep a sharp lookout for anything out of the ordinary. As the sun began to set we stared hearing noises in the sand like something was following us. As day turned to night and we began to set up camp the noises got louder and louder so we stayed up for a little while longer. When we were about to go to sleep in our tents a giant black desert sand scorpion appeared it jumped high up into the air and almost crushing us by slamming its body into the ground and destroying our camp site. We scattered to grab our weapons but when we were ready to battle all that was left was a big hole in the middle of our camp site, we were separated from each other so very carefully we tried to get the group back together, we were successful but the desert scorpion could appear anywhere at anytime so we had to be extra cautious in order to stay alive we stayed there till the sun came up.

Day 4

     In the previous battle with Devastator I shot him with a special a tracer i made designed to track anything from any distance. I was weakened after the battle so I had to stay, and rest, and  i needed to get some more equipment.  Before leaving, a few children showed me some dragon bones about a mile outside the wall i thanked them and brought the biggest and strongest bones i could find in the bone pile. Using a grinder i shaved down the bones but because the bones where so strong it took several hours to make perfect weapons for my battles to come.I thanked the towns people and headed off, a cluster of mountains which seemed to be a years distance away where the signal from my tracker was coming from.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 3

I traveled down a long desert road for many miles I was running low on water and there was a sand storm coming in, if can not find shelter I might die, a few moments later I find a large village with a giant stone wall surrounding it, I checked my map and found that the city was called "The Vally of the Moon" it was named that because once every year the moon is perfectly strait above the center of the city, but every 100 years the planets would align with the moon and at the center of the city lies a strange device that harnessed the power of the planets and allows them to fend off any foe, I asked if could come into there great city, I was granted entrance into there city but I had to remove all my gear in order to be searched, I asked why they told me they did not want anything to attract dragons i told them i was a dragon hunter and that i might be able to help them for just some supplies and water, but they refused, they said they have been attack time and time again by a ferocious dragon they call Devastator they sent countless men to slay the beast bun none prevailed they said they did not want any one else to die, and that was why they built the wall, a few hours latter as i was about to leave we head some harsh wind it appeared that the sand storm had arrived at the gates, but there was something strange about the storm it seemed like it was being rammed, so i asked if i could look over the wall so they took me to the top of the wall I looked over the wall and saw something in the storm it looked like an army at first but then a huge burst of fire cane up from the sand i realized then that it was a dragon I shouted out to the towns people "Its Devastator!!!" everyone scrambled screaming I rushed down to the mayor and asked for my weapons so I could help them, I was granted my weapons as soon as I got them I reached for my bow and shot a tracker on the beast then I grabbed my ultimate pepper bombs and threw down one, but shockingly it had no effect on him so I grabbed my bow and shot it in several places but still no effect, so as a last resort I took out my needle bomb threw it in front of the dragon and waited a few moments later the bomb went off, super sharp needles went everywhere the dragon was nearly wounded but just enough so that it fled I told the towns people that I would slay that beast so I rested for the night and waited till morning to continue the battle.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 2

On a mountain top cave where a group of dragons left a few days ago I found some strange writing I am unsure what they mean, but these where the only two symbols I could find and they where on the sides of what seemed to be a gold laced nest, empty but still there, They might be used to help the eggs hatch, or they were there before the dragons.

A little wile later, the dragons came back unexpectedly so I had to hide, and fast, I found a small crack across from the nest, When the dragons entered they seemed to be European Dragons, a species most people think dragons to look like, simple 4 legs, 2 large wings with the ability of flight, and most importantly fire breathing. A few minutes later the father dragon left with the small childlike dragons wile the mother stayed, then she spoke to me "Come out human" she said "I know you're there" I stepped out and asked "How?" she replied "I could hear your heart beat heavily, as you may have noticed I have very powerful ears." we began speaking back-and-forth and i found out her name was Nexis, a little wile later she spotted the father flying back with the babies, Nexis told me to hide in the crack again, after I hid there again the father came in through the cave opening after staying in that hole for over an hour he fell asleep so I said good bye to Nexis and slowly exited the cave to a nice village a little bit away.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 1

The first day of my adventure I gathered all my equipment such as a compound bow and strong arrow heads with dragon talons as the head, witch allow me to pierce through the dragons scales and skin. My large swords, carved from dragon bone allowing me the same piercing power as my arrows. Along with my shield, made from several layers or dragon scales witch are heat resistant, very helpful when a dragon tries to roast you, and finally a dragon identification book, to find there weakness, then I shuffle on out searching for a dragon.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Welcome to a Dragon Hunters Journey, my name is Drack and I am going to tell you my journey as I go. One more thing, be careful when meddling in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup